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脏手指 Dirty Fingers Live at Modern Sky Lab 9/10/21

Dirty Fingers 脏手指 live at Modern Sky was quite a home-coming show Having first seen them 8 years ago in raw form and with a tiny crowd, it is more than clear that Dirty Fingers have moved onto bigger and greater things … and their audience… where have they come from? 20 has become 2000.Continue reading “脏手指 Dirty Fingers Live at Modern Sky Lab 9/10/21”

Little Wizard and 21 Grams live at YYT (5/9/21)

Little Wizard, touring their new album Little Wizard III, stopped by Shanghai’s YYT Kaixuan 5th September with support from 21 grams, bringing garage-based post-rock to a full house. Watching Little Wizard was a journey through melodic segues and heavier full rock-out moments. This was a much anticipated show and a drew out a packed audienceContinue reading “Little Wizard and 21 Grams live at YYT (5/9/21)”

Shanghai Calling Summer Music Festival

Yuyintang Kaixuan, 5th June 2021 An eclectic grouping of bands came together to put on a day-night festival in the first incarnation of Shanghai Calling. The Shanghai music community put on a show that took a direct snapshot of the gigging bands on the current scene with a tendency towards rock, ska, punk and indie.Continue reading “Shanghai Calling Summer Music Festival”

Giovani Chaton Quartet live at the Lincoln Jazz Center Shanghai – 14th April 2021

Afro-beats combined with jazz breaks and solos was a real musical joy with these revamped Shanghai-based group of musicians. The Lincoln Jazz Center is a state of the art live venue in the mould of the Blue Note, Ronnie Scott’s etc… and it does create that serious vibe for serious music (hopefully not too seriousContinue reading “Giovani Chaton Quartet live at the Lincoln Jazz Center Shanghai – 14th April 2021”

Rolling Bowling live at YYT park 4th April

Rockabilly delight with some ska-punk vibes thrown in… This evening Yu Yin Tang Park threw out a reggae/ska/rockabilly vibe to put a smile firmly on the faces of the fans. The vibe started with Wuhan based Skyking Jack who played an eclectic set of slower reggae beats, some upbeat ska and even some klezmer breakdowns.Continue reading “Rolling Bowling live at YYT park 4th April”

Death by Metal Vol 2: Chimera Cult Live at Yu Yin Tang Friday 5th March

Shanghai metal band Chimera Cult put on an action-inspiring, soulful performance at YYT’s Death by Metal Vol 2 last weekend. Bring on Volume 3… Entitled ‘Death by Metal Vol 2’, there were four metal bands letting loose at YYT on a night to be in noise cauldron (i.e. rainy and chilly out). The writer onlyContinue reading “Death by Metal Vol 2: Chimera Cult Live at Yu Yin Tang Friday 5th March”

Roll Up Album Review – Barry Greenwood

Just when you fear the Hammer horror roller coaster ride you are strapped to is about to become even darker, the party starts, the mood lightens and the dance hall fire doors are kicked open. Now it’s all skinny jackets and Rayban wrap rounds – it’s post ska, ska time baby, step inside! ‘Roll UpContinue reading “Roll Up Album Review – Barry Greenwood”

Hogchoker- Live at Yuyingtang, Shanghai 26/02/2021 by Graham Osborne

I read a quote today about music and it seems to sum up the performance of Hogchoker at Yuyintang on Friday night. Music should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. I had never seen or heard of Hogchoker before seeing them last night. I didn’t even know who would be playing at YYT whenContinue reading “Hogchoker- Live at Yuyingtang, Shanghai 26/02/2021 by Graham Osborne”

LOFAS epic night of rock n roll!

Five bands, big sets, a birthday and some toplessness Last Saturday 20th Feb saw the culmination of some of the most active bands in Shanghai coming together for a big night of noise and partying at Lofas. First up in an epic night was Banjax setting the scene for what was to come. Their solid,Continue reading “LOFAS epic night of rock n roll!”


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