2222 by Hogchoker New Album Review

Beth Rollins reviews the eclectic band’s latest release.

Like weather patterns in this era of catastrophic climate change, Hogchoker’s 2222 is unpredictable, and vaguely frightening. But rather than deepen your Existential Dread, this album will help alleviate it, giving you some feeble hope that great champions still exist and that maybe – just maybe – they can save us all from ourselves.

You never knew that your life was missing the fierce determination of Gloria Claire Cumper, the Jamaican social reformer who introduced legal education to the West Indies. Or the archeological exploits of Heinrich Schliemann, who uncovered ancient Troy through close study of The Iliad. But it was, and now those empty holes in your soul can be filled, in ska funk punk jazz dancehall four-minute history lessons.

2222 by Hogchoker

2222 mashes snarling contempt and disappointment with a magical faith in what is good and right and true. Two opposing forces ripping and tossing you in opposing directions, landing you in an entirely new place equally full of wonder and horror, like Dorothy’s tornado of old. Genre-exploding, booty-shaking, and mind-expanding. We most certainly ain’t in Kansas anymore.

This record is a spectacular, irreverent, brilliant, important, intentional mess. If you want to achieve Enlightenment while seriously jamming out – and if you don’t mind your hair being a bit wind-blown – let Hogchoker’s 2222 take you there. The Iliad had Calchas, the soothsayer who received complete knowledge of the past, present, and future from the gods. He foretold prophesies and instructed the Greeks in how to avoid catastrophe. We have Hogchoker, and we best pay attention.

The album is available on all major platforms including Spotify and Bandcamp: https://open.spotify.com/album/5EBw09NMVBq5Q8EuUbGmCP?si=NiFmftZ1SFytiWuTCCNYXQ https://hogchokershanghai.bandcamp.com/album/2222

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