Rolling Bowling live at YYT park 4th April

Rockabilly delight with some ska-punk vibes thrown in…

Rolling Bowling doing their thing

This evening Yu Yin Tang Park threw out a reggae/ska/rockabilly vibe to put a smile firmly on the faces of the fans. The vibe started with Wuhan based Skyking Jack who played an eclectic set of slower reggae beats, some upbeat ska and even some klezmer breakdowns. The set including an interlude into instrumental tunes where there was most variety sandwiched between some dreamy vocals. They were a very polished act with depth and layers.

Skyking Jack opening the night

Rolling Bowling were to follow. It was a typically high energy rockabilly assertion. Guitars were loud (could have even been louder), while the upright bass stomped along and vocals roared at times. The tunes were infectious and produced a few good singalongs throughout the set. There was some humour invoked from the band, most notably the headwear adding to the lightheartedness with which they delivered their songs. Having Rolling Bowling in town is always a blast and not to be missed.

Rolling Bowling live at YYT Park

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