Death by Metal Vol 2: Chimera Cult Live at Yu Yin Tang Friday 5th March

Shanghai metal band Chimera Cult put on an action-inspiring, soulful performance at YYT’s Death by Metal Vol 2 last weekend. Bring on Volume 3…

Chimera Cult, live at YYT

Entitled ‘Death by Metal Vol 2’, there were four metal bands letting loose at YYT on a night to be in noise cauldron (i.e. rainy and chilly out). The writer only managed to catch the final two bands, but there were no disappointments from these two who showcased a variety of metal sounds between them.

Rise from the Ashes bounced through a well-suited boisterous set delivering a heavy sound with subtle melodies backing up said sound. Our front man presented as part metal, part baggy, but it soon became apparent that metal was in change as he delivered some rasping vocals with the foundation bass man taking charge of stirring backing vocals. The crowd loved it.

Rise from the Ashes

The audience was appropriately pumped up by this point and on came the final act of the evening. Chimera Cult was a journey that took us from circle pit, anarchic mosh to one or two reflective moments (but we didn’t need that for too long). There was fine fluidity between songs and the on stage banter hyped up everyone while keeping the flow of the music going. Drama, sense of show and passion pervaded the performance. Stage presence was never in doubt with this band. They veered from serious riffage, hardcore vocals to melodic breaks. It was very clear that each member of the band was ready to present what the sum of their parts could do and the crowd responded … there was also a very nice crash symbol (that announced some of the heavier elements of the set).

Overall, this was a fire breathing lion type of performance that sent the metal-heads into their happy places and those of us less metal ‘virtually’ stage diving into a wall of death (and then there was the after party…)

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