LOFAS epic night of rock n roll!

Five bands, big sets, a birthday and some toplessness


Last Saturday 20th Feb saw the culmination of some of the most active bands in Shanghai coming together for a big night of noise and partying at Lofas. First up in an epic night was Banjax setting the scene for what was to come. Their solid, driving rhythms were a highly apt beginning which tastily loosened up the audience for evening.


Fliphouse followed with a typically energetic set and talented multi-instrumentalism. The constant swapping around of guitars, bass and vocals kept the audience on their toes and combined with their infectious high-octane tunage, this was a riot. Then came Carbon. These boys know how to put on a show and you never quite know what might happen, especially with their energetic front man and the level of nakedness that may materialise. There were some risqué moments in this particular occasion, but it was more audience engagement on the whole. So much fun

A scene change was to come with the only metal band on the bill, Chimera Cult, who brought loud riffing, attitude and heavy vocals. This was more an opportunity for a more powerful melodic interlude than we had had until this point.

Chimera Cult

To end the evening came Round Eye. They played through their set with appropriate passion and power (as per usual). However, the highlight was definitely toward the end of their performance when they totally jammed out helped by a stage invasion and perhaps too much toplessness then might normally be advised. It was quite clear the audience had no desire to leave and the band responded. All in all a really explosive celebration of the current international scene that makes up Shanghai.

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